WordPress Proposes Team to Improve Core Web Vitals


WordPress Proposes Team to Improve Core Web Vitals

WordPress acknowledges losing ground to Wix, proposes a Performance Team. Says responsibility for speed belongs to WordPress not plugins

WordPress Performance Optimization Tips (For When Core Web Vitals Do Not Improve) – Website Design

What if you start applying the PageSpeed Insights recommendations and your Core Web Vitals grades are not as good as you would expect?

Take a look at the suggestions we listed for you. Your WordPress performance will likely improve by following these tips:

1: Choose a fast hosting provider. Hosting affects server responsiveness, which plays a significant role in the LCP grade. If you’re using shared hosting, you may want to consider switching to a dedicated one and get excellent server performance.

2: Don’t overlook image optimization. We’ve mentioned above how image optimization can affect both LCP and FID grades. These scores are also the most relevant ones for the overall PageSpeed score.

3: Use only essential and lightweight plugins, and optimize their performance. WordPress websites tend to use many plugins. The majority of these plugins impact the front end because of their JavaScript files – and you know how JS files are critical for your site’s performance. Let’s say that your site uses a plugin to create the contact form page. Even though the plugin is used for only a page, the plugin will load the CSS and JS files across the entire site — and these are 100% unnecessary files! You should use your plugins only on the dedicated pages. Asset CleanUp and Perfmatters (Script Manager feature) will help you enable your plugins only on the relevant pages and solve these JavaScript file issues.

4: Take advantage of your page builder. Your page builder could also help you manage your file optimization. Check it out!

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Approaching WordPress Website Optimisation for Core Web Vitals (Page Builders)

Here we are looking at how to go about optimising of websites for performance. It’s part of a series of videos I’m making on Beaver Builder. But this is not specific to any builder.

It’s easy to waste time and money looking in all the wrong places when Google’s Core Web Vitals have made the principles simple. Knowing what to prioritize and what techniques are available is probably 80% of the battle and that what I am talking about here:



Core Web Vitals Explained: How To Fix Site Optimization Issues

Wondering how to fix Core Web Vitals issues? In this video, you’ll get the full rundown on how Core Web Vitals works and what you can do to get your site issues fixed…

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In a nutshell, this video talks about…

00:00 Introduction
00:31 Why Core Web Vitals are Important
01:32 Core Web Vitals as Google Does It

**Getting Quick Synthetic Testing Data**
03:38 Google Lighthouse
03:51 GTmetrix
04:01 Reddico

04:16 Understanding The Reports
04:30 Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
05:10 First Input Delay (FID)
05:37 Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

06:29 Solving LCP and FID problems
06:42 Upgrade Your Hosting
07:08 Caching
07:20 Lazy Load
07:33 Cloud Delivery Network (CDN)
08:00 Image Compression
08:16 Java Script Optimization
08:45 Upgrade to HTTPS
08:54 Summary

09:27 Solving CLS Issues

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Check your Core Web Vitals here for free:
• https://g.co/chromeuxdash
• Google Search Console (https://search.google.com/search-console/welcome)
• Google Page Speen Insights (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/)

GTMetrix: https://gtmetrix.com/
Reddico SERP Speed Tool: https://reddico.co.uk/tools/serp-speed/

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How to Fix Core Web Vitals for WordPress

Core web vitals became the most important SEO update in 2021 everyone is talking about. Websites with poor user experience may lose rankings in SERP even the content is good. How to deal with it?- read this guide till the end and I will show you interesting ways to pass all the tests 100%.

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