3 Ways Spammers Hide Links & Text on Webpages & How To Stop Them


3 Ways Spammers Hide Links & Text on Webpages & How To Stop Them

Hidden spam links can negatively impact search visibility. These easy steps are key to finding and preventing them.

8 Google Pixel Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

David and David tell you about 8 Google Pixel settings you should turn off now. These tips will help you save #battery life, protect your #privacy, and much more!

We recorded this video using a Google #Pixel 5. If you have a different model, the Settings app might look like slightly different, but these tips will still work!

1. Opt Out Of Ads Personalization [0:28]
2. Turn Off Unnecessary App Permissions [1:13]
3. Stop Sending Diagnostic & Usage Data [2:07]
4. Be Intentional About Your Location Settings [2:27]
5. Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Scanning [3:40]
6. Google Location History [4:16]
7. Install Unknown Apps [5:31]
8. Set Your Preferred Network Type [6:46]

If we go too fast, it’s easy to slow down the video with YouTube:

On your computer:
1. Mouse over the video.
2. Click Settings (look for the Gear ⚙ icon).
3. Click Speed.
4. Choose your speed.

In the YouTube app:
1. Tap the screen once.
2. Tap More (look for the three dots ⋮ in a vertical line).
3. Tap Playback Speed.
4. Choose your speed.

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Psalm 35 – Great Is the Lord (With words – KJV)

Psalm 35 – King James Version;
Contend with Those who Contend with Me;
The Lord the Avenger of His People;
{A Psalm of David.}
King James Bible
King James Version
“Public Domain”

Hidden trick to help stop spam for Microsoft Hotmail & Outlook users! How to easily unsubscribe 🙂

*****UPDATE 2/20/23*****
So Microsoft either changed something major for money this weekend or they got hacked. We’ll probably never know the truth. In the meantime, here’s a quick solution (short new video) that may help stop the spam coming to your inbox: https://youtu.be/MM3cIbzHhNU Use the “report, report junk” AND “block, block sender” features that Microsoft tried hiding after you click on all the items that are junk and you right click. �� Hope that helps. My inbox is getting blown up too! ����And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for future updates. Also… if you find a solution, please post it as a comment so we can all be spam free in 23′! ������ Peace!

Do you use Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook Live? If so, I just found an awesome hidden setting to stop junk and spam from going in your inbox! ��

Recorded this less than 2-minute video to walk you through how to do it too. Totally FREE & SIMPLE. Enjoy, share with your friends, and let me know how it goes! ✌️


If you are in a country that doesn’t support this feature, some of our great community members have left instructions in the comments section on how to change your country temporarily to the USA, make these spam filter adjustments, and then switch back to you home country. One world. One race. Everyone moves forward together! ����

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If you’re a Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail user, try this simple and FREE time saving trick to stop spam from filling your inbox and wasting your time! No installing software. All built into your Hotmail settings – just hidden! 🙂

Catching Up With Jacob Ep 118

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3 Ways Top Websites Personalize On-Site Content


3 Ways Top Websites Personalize On-Site Content

See how Adidas, Aveda, and Netflix create exceptional experiences and drive engagement and revenue with personalized content.

#1 Website Personalization Mistake and 6 Steps to Avoid It

There are many ways to do website personalization wrong and a lot of what the CRO industry pitches can lead you astray. In this video, I will teach you the AL-Personalization Method to help you avoid personalization mistakes and show you 6 steps that will keep you from personalizing the wrong way. This simple process and method will help you increase site conversions and avoid personalization mistakes.

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Best Steps to Create Website Content That Converts

Best Steps to Create Website Content That Converts
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Website personalization⼁3 examples of personalization from 3 leading brands

Personalization is no longer a nice-to-have it’s a must-have! So how can you elevate your website with personalization? And how are eCommerce leaders doing it? Matt Christie, UX Strategist at Contentsquare shares three tips and personalization examples from three leading brands.

Learn more about website personalization here

● Elevate personalization 0:47
● Use behavioral data 0:57
● Rakuten example 1:14
● Segment 2:00
● De Beers 2:19
● Testing 3:00
● Waitrose 3:17

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Personalization with Google Optimize // How to personalize and target content on your website

In this video, you will learn how to create a personalized experience on your website using Google Optimize.
My courses: https://www.lovesdata.com/courses
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○ Get started with Google Optimize – https://youtu.be/IzTLxFOETgc

Personalization with Google Optimize lets you change the content people see on your website based on audience traits. For example, you could change the headline and call-to-action on a page if someone is a returning customer, or you could change the imagery used on a landing page based on someone’s geographic location.

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7 Ways To Use Semantic SEO For Higher Rankings


7 Ways To Use Semantic SEO For Higher Rankings

Semantic SEO is the process of building more meaning into web content. Try out these semantic SEO strategies to rank higher in Google.

How to Use Semantic SEO to Get Top Rankings

http://lisalikes.info/r/get-keyword-genetics/ – Once upon a time, keyword optimization was king. But not any more! These days some of the old keyword optimization techniques can even get you penalized.

Enter Semantic SEO, the new way to write the RIGHT content to get the rankings you want from Google. Using semantic SEO, you can find out exactly what you need to do to get content ranked in Google for a specific search. Check out the video to find out how.

Get More Traffic and Sales Using Structured Data and Semantic SEO

During this webinar, WordLift CEO Andrea Volpini reveals how to improve your traffic using Semantic SEO and Structured Data. Andrea will use real-world cases during the webinar to help get your website ranking in Featured Snippets, People Also Ask, and other Google’s rich features.

You’ll discover:
From strings to things: What is Semantic SEO?
How using structured data can grow your site traffic
Tips and tricks to get your site into Featured Snippets, People Also Ask, and other Google features.

How to do Semantic SEO in 5 mins

Search Engine Optimization has changed drastically in the last decade. Back in 2013, ranking a piece of content meant inserting keywords and phrases, trying to con search engines into believing that YOUR content is the best out there.

00:00 Introduction
0:17 What is Semantic Search?
0:36 How Google Understands Keywords
1:46 Top Semantic SEO Strategies
2:23 Contextual Keyword Analysis
3:27 Competitive Analysis
4:06 Creating the Best Page

Even though that served the purpose of digital marketers and SEO experts, it did not necessarily help search engine users.

With that being said, search engines such as Google have now updated their ranking factors to ensure that only relevant content passes through the quality checks to make it through to the top pages and positions.

Google’s new algorithms mean that your content needs CONTEXT more than anything. Simply overloading it relevant key phrases will not do the trick anymore. These days, a content marketer needs so much more to ensure higher rankings and improved search results.

Enter Semantic SEO

This video explains what is Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and Semantic SEO and how you can use it generate higher rankings while delivering top quality content. Additionally, this will also explain how you can use Google’s search suggestions to provide relevant, high quality content.

We will focus on:

• Finding semantically relevant keywords and phrases for your topic.
• Discovering and addressing the search intent to get contextually correct results.
• Using google as well as other tools to gather the required information.
• Delivering an overall superior piece of content,

Finding semantically relevant keywords and phrases for your topic

Also known as contextual keywords, semantically relevant keywords are not simply synonyms of your main keyword, but closely related words that add context to what you’re talking about.

The most comprehensive method to find semantically relevant keywords is the “Alphabet Soup” method. This method ensures that you end up with a comprehensive list of keywords that are all considered relevant by Google. Using these, along with Google’s suggested queries gets you closer to the most relevant outline you can have for your article.

Discovering and addressing the search intent to get contextually correct results

Accurately determining searcher intent is so much easier with Google’s search suggestions. Whenever you type in a query, the bottom of the search engine result page (SERP) shows suggested questions related to the topic you are searching for. These questions show you what Google considers to be the most important and popular search terms.

Getting a handle on the exact searcher intent will give you an edge over the competition as you will be able to answer the most pressing questions that users have about a certain topic. And voila, that’s exactly what search engines will be looking for!

Using Google as well as other tools to gather the required information

The next thing you should be doing is to find out high priority keywords in terms of search volume and similarly, keywords that your competitors are ranking for. You can do this by using online tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs etc. You can even go a step further and do a complete competitor analysis so that you know all the ranking secrets of the current #1 result.

Delivering an overall superior piece of content

Equipped with all this information, you should be ready with a comprehensive outline to deliver a superior piece of high-quality content. After all, search engines’ ultimate goal is to provide users with content that is most relevant to their search queries.

Using semantic SEO and LSI keywords will give you a great shot at securing 1st page positions for most of your online content.

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Semantic SEO Strategy: Case Study – How Google Ranks

Semantic SEO Strategy involves semantic SEO practices with different perspectives. A semantic SEO strategy can focus on entity connections or content publication frequencies. The Semantic Content Networks are the focus of the semantic SEO strategies. A semantic SEO Case Study can focus on how semantic search engines parse the queries, or how they process them.

In this context, the semantic SEO Case Studies and Strategies reflect the angle of the SEO Project. In this Semantic SEO Case Study, the project focused on the publication frequency, and the bulk publishing methodology.

Semantic SEO Strategy with the different publication of content frequency can work together for a better initial and better re-ranking process. Publishing a Semantic Content Network in bulk can make a search engine evaluate the source better and faster, and it can delay some other checks such as duplication of the content, or the accuracy of the declarations.

A semantic SEO Strategy represents the sentence structures, relevance points, order of the facts, and the order of the heading structures. Based on all these aspects, the Semantic SEO Case Study focused on the publication frequency for re-ranking and initial ranking along with the definitions of the Semantic Networks.

00:00 Semantic Search Engine Optimization
3:00 Semantic SEO and Ranking Algorithms
5:00 Semantic Search Engine Perception
7:00 Semantic SEO Strategies
9:00 Semantic SEO Case Study
11:00 Semantic SEO Methodologies

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