How to Identify Site Quality for Link Building


How to Identify Site Quality for Link Building

Lower the risks in your link building outreach. Learn the key elements to evaluate to determine a potential linking partner's site quality.

Backlink Analysis: Find Thousands of Link Building Opportunities

In this video, Sam Oh gives an in-depth backlink analysis tutorial to uncover thousands of link building opportunities using Ahrefs’ Site Explorer Tool.

More specifically, you’ll learn:

– how to analyze and compare competitors’ websites.
– how to compare two competing websites to see who’s more efficient with link acquisition.
– reverse engineer the link building strategies your competitors are using.
– how to find HOT content topics that attract backlinks in your industry.
– an extremely effective link building tactic that will save you hours of your time.

Using these different backlink research techniques and strategies will help you extract thousands of potential prospects that you can then reach out to in your next link building campaign.

This video is the second in a 3 part series. You can watch the rest of videos here:

Part #1: How to Do a Basic Backlink Analysis on Your Competitors

Part #3: Link Building Strategies on Steroids: How to Get Links FAST!


0:32 Analyze website’s backlink profiles
3:02 Compare competing websites and see how they get links
4:43 Reverse-engineer link building strategies your competitors are using
7:36 Find competitors’ pages that acquired the most links
9:08 Check the most important data for competitors’ backlinks
11:00 Use filters to narrow down your results
12:04 Implement the resource page link building hack

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How to Find Link Prospects for Skyscraper Link Building [ToD 16]

In today’s Tip of the Day, you’ll learn how to find link prospects for Skyscraper link building.

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The Skyscraper Technique is a link building tactic where you find a page that has a lot of backlinks, create a better version of the page, and then reach out to those linking to the quote unquote, “inferior content” and ask them to link to yours.

You’ll learn how to find such opportunities in the video.

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How to Identify Site Quality for Link Building