How To Handle Duplicate Content At Enterprise Scale


How To Handle Duplicate Content At Enterprise Scale

Minimize duplicate content on enterprise-level sites. Here are 7 tips using dynamic, technical, and copy-based scaling strategies.

Duplicate content (and what to do with it) | Sustainable Monetized Websites

Aurora Morales and her two co-hosts: Organic(a) and Monetized dive into duplicate (or replicated) content and how to make sure that your site adds value. Learn how duplicate content affects your page, ways to tell if your page is hosting duplicate or copyrighted content, tools for sharing your preferred URL with Google, and what to do if someone else is duplicating your site.

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Google Publisher Policies:
Avoid creating duplicate content →
Consolidate duplicate URLs →
Canonicalization (video) →
Remove information from Google →

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Do you create or manage content online and monetize it? This series takes you through the policies, guidelines, best practices and tools available to you, to ensure you’re creating sustainable monetized websites.

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How to Avoid and Detect Duplicate Content on your Website

Google and other search engines are intelligent and can tell when content on your site is not original. They’re also really good at picking up when multiple pages on the same website or across different websites are all carrying the same content. This is called duplicate content, and it is a common SEO problem.

Google Search Console describes Duplicate content as “substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar.” Google’s definition of duplicate content is phrased intentionally inclusive even if it isn’t the whole page or if you only make slight tweaks or changes in an attempt to avoid an exact match.

When the same content appears on multiple pages, it can confuse search engines and users. Google doesn’t want to show multiple pages of the same content in their search results, so the search engine will pick a priority page and filter the other pages with duplicate content. Unfortunately, only one of the duplicate pages will typically appear for users. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid or minimize similar content if you want to rank high in the search engine results.

Ecommerce SEO: 3x Ways To Eliminate Duplicate Content

One of the biggest SEO problems ecommerce stores have is duplicate content.

So today I am going to teach you 3 quick ways to find and fix all of the internal and external ecommerce duplicate content issues easily.

But why is ecommerce duplicate content such a problem?

Well for starters, Google HATES duplicate content.

They hand out penaltys left, right and centre and the Panda algorithm update was desiged specifically to target duplicate and low quality content.

The problem is that ecommerce stores inherrently have a lot of duplicate and low quality content which makes them the perfect target for the Panda penalty.

So if you have never checked your ecommerce store for duplicate content before – the time to do it is now!

Because in this video I am going to show you 3 super easy methods to do exactly that.

And if you have never checked for duplicate content issues, I guarantee you have them!


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00:00 Introduction To Ecommerce Duplicate Content
00:24 The First Method To Find Internal Duplicate Content
01:11 The Second Method To Find Internal Duplicate Content
02:01 How To Find External Ecommerce Duplicate Content
03:02 If You Are Serious About Increasing Search Traffic…

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Copyscape –

Please let me know if you have any questions about ecommerce duplicate content.

Just ask in the comments below!

In the mean time – start auditing your ecommerce store to find duplicate content and fix it as soon as possible.

Because I guarantee it is weighing your whole store down in the search rankings.

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How does Google handle duplicate content?

How does Google handle duplicate content and what negative effects can it have on rankings from an SEO perspective?
Gary Taylor, Stratford Upon Avon, UK

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