How To Fix 21 Content Creation Mistakes That Impact ROI


How To Fix 21 Content Creation Mistakes That Impact ROI

How you handle content creation has a serious impact on its ability to rank and convert. Avoid these 21 common errors for the best results.

20 Myths Mistakes, And WRONG MOVES You Want To AVOID In Content Marketing (Part1)

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Myth mistakes, wrong moves, misconceptions can be big or little, but they have one thing in common, they are all annoying. When it comes to content marketing, practices based on myths and misconceptions can put your business in a downward spiral. We have compiled a list of 20 myths mistakes and wrong moves you should avoid while doing content marketing.
Don’t forget to check out the second part for the complete list.

00:00 Introduction
00:51 Content marketing is easy to do
01:16 Starting without a content strategy
01:38 Creating disposable content
02:05 Not creating enough content
02:29 Framing it as a quick fix
03:01 Content marketing is the same as content creation
03:39 Not expressing content marketing’s full potential
04:11 Trivializing the practice
04:37 Taking the short view
04:54 Living in a silo
05:22 Not talking to customers and prospects
05:48 Not having a content calendar
06:19 Fearing of long-length content
06:39 Failing to connect
07:05 Seeing people only as of the outcome
07:35 Having to do too much manually
08:06 Valuing buyer personas over actual people
08:43 Not including content in the sales funnel
09:06 Thinking the same works
09:30 Giving up on measuring content marketing impact

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Content Creator vs. Content Consumer

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How to Master Content Creation

In episode 168 of Earn Your Leisure we spoke with Eric Thomas’s head of content and social media master Nicky Saunders. Nicky provided the blueprint on content creation.

She spoke about making content for different social media apps, common mistakes made by content creators, how to monetize social media, steps to build a brand, and more. #contentcreation #marketing #socialmedia

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��5 CONTENT CREATION MISTAKES you NEED to AVOID! (Advice For Content Creators)

Are you making any of these 5 Content Creation Mistakes!?

In this episode, we share the most prevalent mistakes we’ve seen content creators make.

We’re not above it we’ve made some of these mistakes as well. But this is a safe space where we all can agree that we don’t have it together all the time.

This episode will help you go into content creation this year with power and determination because you’ll have some insider information.

Whether you have a podcast or YouTube channel or are on social media, even if you’re just thinking about creating content, this episode is super useful.

❌Mistake Number One: Not Understanding How Content Works
❌Mistake Number Two: Not having a clear Unique Value Proposition
❌Mistake Number Three: Not having a content strategy
❌Mistake Number Four: Not finding help or using automation tools to help you save time
❌Mistake Number Five: Not being consistent on a platform and expecting results

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