3 Ways Top Websites Personalize On-Site Content


3 Ways Top Websites Personalize On-Site Content

See how Adidas, Aveda, and Netflix create exceptional experiences and drive engagement and revenue with personalized content.

#1 Website Personalization Mistake and 6 Steps to Avoid It

There are many ways to do website personalization wrong and a lot of what the CRO industry pitches can lead you astray. In this video, I will teach you the AL-Personalization Method to help you avoid personalization mistakes and show you 6 steps that will keep you from personalizing the wrong way. This simple process and method will help you increase site conversions and avoid personalization mistakes.

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Best Steps to Create Website Content That Converts

Best Steps to Create Website Content That Converts
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Website personalization⼁3 examples of personalization from 3 leading brands

Personalization is no longer a nice-to-have it’s a must-have! So how can you elevate your website with personalization? And how are eCommerce leaders doing it? Matt Christie, UX Strategist at Contentsquare shares three tips and personalization examples from three leading brands.

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● Elevate personalization 0:47
● Use behavioral data 0:57
● Rakuten example 1:14
● Segment 2:00
● De Beers 2:19
● Testing 3:00
● Waitrose 3:17

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Personalization with Google Optimize // How to personalize and target content on your website

In this video, you will learn how to create a personalized experience on your website using Google Optimize.
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Personalization with Google Optimize lets you change the content people see on your website based on audience traits. For example, you could change the headline and call-to-action on a page if someone is a returning customer, or you could change the imagery used on a landing page based on someone’s geographic location.

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