3 Unconventional CRO Tactics To Skyrocket Your Revenue


3 Unconventional CRO Tactics To Skyrocket Your Revenue

Use these proven tactics to level up your CRO strategy and make optimizations that translate directly to bottom-line growth.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Conversion Optimization Agency?

Want to boost your website’s conversions and revenue? A CRO agency can help, but how much will it cost?

Khalid Saleh breaks down the costs of hiring a CRO agency from budget-friendly options to high-end agencies in this must-watch video.

Discover the types of deliverables you can expect and what factors affect the cost. Learn how to make an informed decision and achieve the ROI you need. Don’t miss this valuable guide to hiring a CRO agency – watch now.

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Improve Your Online Conversion Rate With These 5 Conversion Boosters

Improve Your Online Conversion Rate With These 5 Conversion Boosters
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Use Testimonials to Increase Your Copy Conversion Rates

Use Testimonials to Increase Your Copy Conversion Rates
conversiobot – TRANSFORM YOUR WEBSITE INTO AN AUTOMATED LEADS & SALES BOT https://bit.ly/3kbvw13

thefasttracks – The Simple 3-Step Formula I Used To Earn $5,203.89 Per Day During Lockdown By Just Asking People Simple ‘Yes & No’ Questions On The Internet… https://bit.ly/3XCmgRi

trillion dollar opportunity – THE EASIEST WAY TO 6 FIGURES WITH INFORMATION PRODUCTS https://bit.ly/3Is2vXl

recession profit secrets https://bit.ly/3k2pCiO

Easiest System Ever – Done For You Affiliate Marketing System https://bit.ly/3XBKT0y

perpetualincome365 – How Ordinary People Are Manipulating This SECRET ALGORITHM To Make Perpetual Income Every Month! https://bit.ly/3YDpzsW

Super Affiliate System – John Crestani’s Autowebinar Funnel https://bit.ly/3XEiQxA

THE $1,362,342 CLICKBANK SUPER FUNNEL https://bit.ly/3YJnE6g

FREE Traffic System: Flood Your Sites With FREE Traffic http://bit.ly/3KdTsvi

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How To 2x Your Shopify Sales With Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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Hey! If you’re new to the channel, my name is Nick Theriot

I’m the proud owner of an E-commerce Marketing Agency called Theriot Solutions. We’ve worked with clients like Gritty Soul, Metal Address Signs, and many more!

You can have the most amazing ads in the world and have one the best products in your market BUT if you have a terrible website you’ll see the worst performing ads and ROI on your ad spend!

Without a good converting product page it’s almost impossible to get a good ROAS and because of that – you can’t really scale your paid advertising efforts.

That’s why in today’s video I discuss the best conversion rate optimization tactics that will allow you to double your sales and maximize ROAS!

So if you want to 2x your sales using conversion rate optimization – watch the video!

#Facebookads #facebookadvertising #facebookmarketing


-Nick Theriot

How To Handle Duplicate Content At Enterprise Scale


How To Handle Duplicate Content At Enterprise Scale

Minimize duplicate content on enterprise-level sites. Here are 7 tips using dynamic, technical, and copy-based scaling strategies.

Duplicate content (and what to do with it) | Sustainable Monetized Websites

Aurora Morales and her two co-hosts: Organic(a) and Monetized dive into duplicate (or replicated) content and how to make sure that your site adds value. Learn how duplicate content affects your page, ways to tell if your page is hosting duplicate or copyrighted content, tools for sharing your preferred URL with Google, and what to do if someone else is duplicating your site.

Subtitles in various languages are available. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom right corner of the video, and select Subtitles/CC from the menu.

Google Publisher Policies: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/10015918?hl=en
Avoid creating duplicate content → http://goo.gle/3oqYzKS
Consolidate duplicate URLs → http://goo.gle/3qbQAlJ
Canonicalization (video) → https://goo.gle/2XlaVZq
Remove information from Google → https://goo.gle/remove

Watch more Sustainable Monetized Websites videos → https://goo.gle/38Bz9Fj
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Do you create or manage content online and monetize it? This series takes you through the policies, guidelines, best practices and tools available to you, to ensure you’re creating sustainable monetized websites.

#SustainableMonetizedWebsites #SMW

How to Avoid and Detect Duplicate Content on your Website

Google and other search engines are intelligent and can tell when content on your site is not original. They’re also really good at picking up when multiple pages on the same website or across different websites are all carrying the same content. This is called duplicate content, and it is a common SEO problem.

Google Search Console describes Duplicate content as “substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar.” Google’s definition of duplicate content is phrased intentionally inclusive even if it isn’t the whole page or if you only make slight tweaks or changes in an attempt to avoid an exact match.

When the same content appears on multiple pages, it can confuse search engines and users. Google doesn’t want to show multiple pages of the same content in their search results, so the search engine will pick a priority page and filter the other pages with duplicate content. Unfortunately, only one of the duplicate pages will typically appear for users. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid or minimize similar content if you want to rank high in the search engine results.

Ecommerce SEO: 3x Ways To Eliminate Duplicate Content

One of the biggest SEO problems ecommerce stores have is duplicate content.

So today I am going to teach you 3 quick ways to find and fix all of the internal and external ecommerce duplicate content issues easily.

But why is ecommerce duplicate content such a problem?

Well for starters, Google HATES duplicate content.

They hand out penaltys left, right and centre and the Panda algorithm update was desiged specifically to target duplicate and low quality content.

The problem is that ecommerce stores inherrently have a lot of duplicate and low quality content which makes them the perfect target for the Panda penalty.

So if you have never checked your ecommerce store for duplicate content before – the time to do it is now!

Because in this video I am going to show you 3 super easy methods to do exactly that.

And if you have never checked for duplicate content issues, I guarantee you have them!


�� The 7 Day Ecommerce SEO Strategy – https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/7-day-ecommerce-seo-strategy/
�� My Fully Managed Ecommerce SEO Service – https://agency.matthewwoodward.co.uk/services/ecommerce-seo/

00:00 Introduction To Ecommerce Duplicate Content
00:24 The First Method To Find Internal Duplicate Content
01:11 The Second Method To Find Internal Duplicate Content
02:01 How To Find External Ecommerce Duplicate Content
03:02 If You Are Serious About Increasing Search Traffic…

Screaming Frog Trial – https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/
Siteliner (free) – http://www.siteliner.com
Copyscape – https://www.copyscape.com

Please let me know if you have any questions about ecommerce duplicate content.

Just ask in the comments below!

In the mean time – start auditing your ecommerce store to find duplicate content and fix it as soon as possible.

Because I guarantee it is weighing your whole store down in the search rankings.

#ecommerceseo #seo #duplicatecontent #seo #matthewwoodward

How does Google handle duplicate content?

How does Google handle duplicate content and what negative effects can it have on rankings from an SEO perspective?
Gary Taylor, Stratford Upon Avon, UK

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More videos: http://www.youtube.com/GoogleWebmasterHelp
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Webmaster Central: http://www.google.com/webmasters/

7 SEO Crawling Tool Warnings & Errors You Can Safely Ignore


7 SEO Crawling Tool Warnings & Errors You Can Safely Ignore

SEO crawlers are indispensable tools but they need an SEO pro's insight and experience to determine which warnings to heed or ignore.

SEO for Beginners Tutorial – 14 – Website Crawls

Source Code: https://github.com/thenewboston-developers
Core Deployment Guide (AWS): https://docs.google.com/document/d/16NDHWtmwmsnrACytRXp2T9Jg7R5FgzRmkYoDteFKxyc/edit?usp=sharing

Technical Tips: How to Identify Critical Crawler Issues

When you have thousands of crawler warnings, how do you find the most important ones? On today’s episode of Technical Tips, Dr. Pete walks you through his method for identifying the most important site issues so you can fix them with ease!


Additional Moz Resources:

Beginner’s Guide to SEO ► https://mz.cm/2SGOGdV

The Keyword Research Master Guide ► https://mz.cm/3jPdPio

30-day Moz Pro Free Trial ► https://mz.cm/3jZq3p3

Check out Moz Local ► https://mz.cm/36Pbz7h

Learn about STAT ► https://mz.cm/2IiqTzf

Moz ► https://mz.cm/30QvHCm
Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/moz
Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Moz
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Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/moz_hq/

Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking | Lesson 2/31 | SEMrush Academy

Watch our latest video: How to Go Viral on Quora https://bit.ly/ViralOnQuora1

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Learn how the internet and search engines work.
Watch the full free course at SEMrush Academy: http://bit.ly/2lPfSdj

0:05 Understanding Search Engines’ Working Principle
0:40 Crawling, or How Google Discovers Content on the Internet
1:14 Indexing, or How Google Stores Crawled Content
1:47 Ranking, or how Google’s Algorithm Prioritizes Indexed Pages

✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹
You might find it useful:
Try out SEMrush SEO tools!
➠ https://bit.ly/2WcuDoX

Learn how to boost your SEO with SEMrush tools with our in-depth course:
➠ https://bit.ly/2y5W5wS
✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹

So let’s talk about how search engines actually work. Sure, Google’s algorithm is extremely complex, but in its simplest form, Google is really just a pattern detection program. When you search for a keyword phrase, Google is going to provide you with a list of websites that matches the pattern that’s related to your search.

Most people don’t realize that when they do a search on Google, they’re not actually searching the live web. They’re actually searching Google’s index of the web… the stored copy of the sites that Google has crawled.

Crawling, or How Google Discovers Content on the Internet

Google uses little programs called spiders to crawl the web. The spiders are how Google actually discovers content. Basically, a spider will start on a page and check out all the content on that page, and then it follows the links on that page and looks at the content on those pages. Then it follows the links on those pages to discover even more content, and then the links on those pages lead to more content… The spiders keep crawling at a mind-blowingly massive scale until most of the internet has been crawled.

Indexing, or How Google Stores Crawled Content

As the spiders crawl all of these pages, a copy is stored on Google’s servers. This is Google’s index, and it’s stored in a way that allows Google to quickly search through the billions of pages in the index. When you search for a certain phrase, Google checks the index to get a list of every page that’s related to your search phrase.

Here’s where ranking comes into play – this is the part that SEOs work to influence. Google uses an algorithm to look at that list of pages it just pulled from the index and rank the pages based on relevancy.

Ranking, or how Google’s Algorithm Prioritizes Indexed Pages

Let’s say you did a search for “Denver omelette recipe” – Google’s going to search the index and come up with a list of every website with a recipe for a Denver omelette. Then it’s going to use the algorithm to sort that list so that the most relevant sites will be at the top.

There are hundreds of ranking factors, each with a different assigned weight or value. The algorithm will look at a few hundred different factors that influence relevancy, like the content on the page, the number of other sites that link to that page, and the overall quality of the website.

When we do SEO, we’re hoping to influence those relevancy scores. We know that if we optimize the right signals, Google’s algorithm will decide that the page is more relevant – that it’s a better answer to the question being asked – and show that page higher than the other options in the index.

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SEO For Beginners: Crawling, Indexing and Ranking

In the second part of our video series, “SEO For Beginners”, we talk about how search engines like Google crawl, index, and rank websites.

00:00 Introduction
00:28 How Search Engines Work
1:01 Crawling
2:58 Indexing
4:22 Ranking
5:52 Important Ranking Factors

This can help you optimize your website according to Google’s best practices and improve your visibility in search results.


Crawling refers to the discovery of all the pages on the web. Google has little programs called GoogleBots which are also known as crawlers or spiders. Crawlers start off by discovering only a few web pages and then follow the links on those webpages to find new pages, and so on and so forth. This way they discover billions of webpages on the internet to add them to Google’s database.

With a Robots.txt file in a website’s root directory, webmasters can give directives to crawlers about which parts of their site the crawlers should and shouldn’t crawl or index. For webpages that don’t need to be crawled or indexed, like test pages, a Disallow directive can be used. You can learn more about Robots.txt here: https://www.linkbuildinghq.com/beginners-guide-robots-txt/

A Crawl Stats report in the Google Search Console shows how many pages of a website have been crawled in the last 90 days. The Coverage report shows if crawlers are encountering any errors while crawling a website.

Crawlers have a Crawl Budget which refers to the average number of URLs Googlebot will crawl on a site before leaving. Therefore, it is important to optimize the Robots.txt file to ensure Google isn’t crawling unimportant or junk pages. With a sitemap, GoogleBots make sense of the site architecture and understand which pages the webmasters think are more important.


While crawling is the discovery of pages, indexing handles the storing of the discovered pages in Google’s database or index.

By typing in “site:yourdomain.com” in the search bar, you can know which pages of your website have currently been indexed. There can be a few reasons for webpages not being indexed which are discussed in this video.

Some common Robots.txt instructions for indexing include:
• A NoIndex tag which can be used to tell Google which pages to crawl but not index.
• A NoArchive tag to remove pages with outdated pricing. This is useful for ecommerce sites.
• An X-Robots-Tag to exclude specific folders or file types from being indexed.


Ranking refers to showing webpages in a certain order based on a search query. Google uses hundreds of mini-algorithms, or ranking factors, to assess where and when to show pages in its search results.

These mini-algorithms add up to form Google’s ranking algorithm which keeps updating to improve Google’s ability to show the most relevant and high on quality search results.

Depending on the search intent, the searcher’s location, their search history, and other metrics, Google displays what it thinks are the most relevant results. Google’s ranking factors help the search engine in this process. There are over 200 ranking factors, but the most important ones include:

• Content Relevance

Relevance is among the most important ranking factors. Your content including your keywords needs to be relevant to the searcher’s query. Conducting keyword research will help you find the right keywords to target.

• Content Quality

The quality of the content helps you stand out from your competition. Assessing the content in terms of its EAT (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) helps you with this factor.

• Quality Backlinks

Backlinks act like “votes” from one site to another. Having backlinks from high authority websites improves this ranking for this factor.

• Mobile-Friendly Websites

With mobile-first indexing, your website’s mobile version is now even more important than the desktop version. Therefore, ensure your website is fully optimized for mobile. If you want to learn more about mobile-first indexing, read this blog: https://www.linkbuildinghq.com/mobile-first-indexing-guide/

• Technical On-Page SEO

This includes having the right meta tags and headings, making sure your page can be crawled and indexed if you want it to rank, making it easier for search crawlers to understand your page, having a fast load time, using alt text for images, internal linking, having a secure site, deploying schema markup, and more.

Now that you have a solid grasp of how Google crawls, indexes, and ranks websites, it’s time to move on to developing a winning SEO strategy. And it all starts with a solid keyword research plan, which is the main topic of part 3 of this series. Stay tuned!

Link Building HQ
At Link Building HQ, our goal is to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information to search engine marketers.
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4 Simple UX Practices Proven To Increase Conversions


4 Simple UX Practices Proven To Increase Conversions

From lead generation forms to chat boxes, here are some simple practices that improve both user experience and conversions as a result.

1 Simple Audit Technique To Increase Conversions 30%

If you want to increase your conversions, this is one simple strategy that is sure to work. Far too many people have big sliders, no tap targets and no calls to action. Learn how to do an audit of all your pages and find out if they are set up properly for conversions. Through this strategy, you will increase conversions 30% fairly easily.
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Learn more on our blog: https://ignitevisibility.com/
Ignite Visibility is a premier Internet marketing company based in San Diego, CA.

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How to use UX Research to Enhance Your Conversion Strategy

This is probably working against you than in your favour!
Unless you understand the ‘why’ of visitor engagement, you won’t be able to effectively figure out the “how” of it.

We hosted Shannon Kelly, UX Designer at OverDrive for this #MastersOfConversion session where she discussed using qualitative UX research alongside quantitative data to drive successful conversion rate optimization strategies.

UI Design Tips for a Better Data Table UX

Design better data tables that are easy to scan and a pleasure to use.
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7 Simple Tips to Increase Website Conversions

Over a span of a decade in building sites for clients and having now overseen 1,200+ web design students all over the world, I’ve learned a lot about website conversions. Particularly when it comes to having a high converting homepage, which is often the most important for keeping people ON your site.

In this video, I’ll share with you my top 7 tips (of many) that are the most impactful and that are simple enough to add to your site immediately!

My top tips for creating a high converting website homepage are:

0:00 – Introduction
0:23 – 1) Strong Call-To-Action
2:20 – 2) Assertive CTA’s
3:37 – 3) Results Based Heading
5:30 – 4) Founders Note
7:19 – 5) What / Who / How
9:22 – 6) Testimonials / Social Proof
11:27 – 7) Footer Call-To-Action
13:27 – Bonus Tip = Funnel CTA’s
15:02 – Ready for more help?

Do you have some great conversion tips of your own? Share them below!

For the full post with links to all the websites shown, head to:
�� https://joshhall.co/7-tips-for-a-high-converting-website-homepage

Ready to learn conversion based design for websites?

Join my Website Design Course today at:
�� https://joshhall.co/design

5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Google Rankings


5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Google Rankings

SEO can be overwhelming – but simply paying attention to these five basics will position you for ranking success.

5 Proven Methods to Boost Your Google Rankings using WSI AdaptiveSEO

Updates like Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, have made it harder than ever for website owners to maintain top search engine rankings.

Gone are the days of “tricking” your way to a #1 position. Today, if you want to be on page one of Google you need to invest long-term in best practice SEO, content and social — a powerful combination we like to call AdaptiveSEO.

In this video we highlight the 5 components of an effective AdaptiveSEO strategy.

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SEO in Under 5 Mins a Day for High Google Rankings in 2022

We all want our businesses to rank high in Google organic search results. But the only path to higher ranking is, search engine optimisation a.k.a SEO.
If you’ve tried to do some search engine optimisation in the past, you’ve probably realised it can be time consuming, labour intensive, complicated and you’ve probably given up already.
But what if i showed you how to rank high in Google by spending only 5 minutes of your day doing simple SEO and get some awesome results for 2022?
This is exactly what you will find out in this video
��‍��↔️��‍�� Book a Tailored 1-on-1 session with me

✏️ Notes, references and links ✏️
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Create an account with ubersuggest

Alt tag image checker

Find internal link opportunities
intext:”add your keyword here” site:http://yourwebsiteaddresshere.com/

Find questions to add to your Google listing

Add secondary categories to you Google My business Listing

�� Further training ��

Create more content on your site

Create A Google My Business Shortname

Google analytics ultimate beginners’guide

Full seo audit of your site

�� Special thank you ��
To https://excelelectrician.co.uk/ who let us its website data for the making of this video

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5 Proven Methods to Boost Your Google Rankings using WSI AdaptiveSEO

It’s harder than ever to maintain top search engine rankings. Today, if you want to be on page 1 of Google, you need to invest in best practice SEO. Our 5 proven methods to boost your Google rankings include:

1. Keyword and Competitive Research
2. Technical Fundamentals & Foundation
3. Optimized Content Marketing Plan
4. Publish, Socialize, Share Content
5. Benchmark, Report, Improve

For more information on how to boost your Google rankings, visit us today at www.WSIsimpleROI.com.

5 Proven Methods to Boost Your Google Rankings using WSI AdaptiveSEO

Updates like Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, have made it harder than ever for website owners to maintain top search engine rankings.

Gone are the days of “tricking” your way to a #1 position. Today, if you want to be on page one of Google you need to invest long-term in best practice SEO, content and social — a powerful combination we like to call AdaptiveSEO.

In this video we highlight the 5 components of an effective AdaptiveSEO strategy.

So You Want To Be An SEO Analyst: Skills, Salaries, & Job Prospects


So You Want To Be An SEO Analyst: Skills, Salaries, & Job Prospects

What skills do you need to be an SEO analyst? What are the salary and job prospects like in 2022? Check out a complete overview of this career.

Why Freelancers Fail? #LLAShorts 111

How to Freelance, Step by Step process to earn money at home?
Open Zerodha A/c, start investing: https://link.labourlawadvisor.in/demat
COURSES: https://labourlawadvisor.in/link/LPTI
QuickPayroll: https://quickpayroll.in/
Explained in 1 Minute
Why do Freelancers fail?
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cs506 final term sample paper part 2

Hi, welcome to my youtube channel learns with VU. In this video we can solve the sample paper of cs506 final term paper.

#cs506final term
#web design and development
#sample paper
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����ℍ��ℝ�� ��
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if you have any queries then please comment below. I will reply as soon as possible.

SEO Job Profiles, Qualification & Salaries in India 2022

In this video, you’re going to learn exactly What are SEO Job Profiles, Qualification & Salaries in India 2022.

The following topics will be covered in the video.
1. What is SEO Executive?
2. What is Seo Analyst
3. Who is Seo Specialist and Expert?
4. SEO Manager job roles and salary?
5. How you can learn SEO practically?

Free Digital Marketing Courses:
1. Facebook Ads Course: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2V4FTxcS4MZf9tWYw23m6MsBU7VgP9Q3
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3. Free Digital Marketing Full Course: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2V4FTxcS4Mb3PeP73nF5hq0uxN0PJpRf

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Top Careers in Marketing (Highest Paying Digital Marketing Skills In 2023)

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Marketing is one of the best careers out there but where should you start, what are the best jobs, and what marketing skills and areas pay the most money? Well my friend, that’s what this video is about!

So today I’m going to share with you some of the highest paying and most in-demand marketing skills, career paths, and opportunities available today, and give you a high-level overview of what’s involved with each one.

I’ll also show you how much money you can make, backing this all up with real data, and at the end, I’ll give you my suggestion for which one I think has the most long-term and profit-producing potential.

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So, let me show you how it’s done.

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4 Tips For Measuring Your Brand Lift In Google Search


4 Tips For Measuring Your Brand Lift In Google Search

Learn what free tools can tell you about your brand's presence in Google Search and how you can put those insights to work.

The Surprisingly Resilient Long Form Sales Page

The Surprisingly Resilient Long Form Sales Page
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How to measure your brand marketing efforts

Measuring your brand marketing efforts can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Some even ask themselves if it can be measured at all. In this short video, brand marketing expert Adela Paun will walk you through the basics on what you need in order to measure the unmeasurable.

Hungry for more? Visit our blog through the link below:

00:00 – Introduction
00:19 – Three quick tips
00:58 – Learn more

Uncertain on where to get started with your digital marketing? Treat yourself with a free audit of your digital maturity with Precis:

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Ismael Perez, Huna Flash & Catherine Edwards: Lemuria 5 new Operating Systems & YOUR Questions !

This will be a fantastic live with Ismael & Huna – Come and Join us, and ask your questions!
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Book link

To connect with Huna: https://houseofhuna.earth

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Google Brand Lift – Measure Every Moment that Matters | YouTube Advertisers

See how Google’s Brand Lift solution provides a wealth of actionable insights for brand advertisers.

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How To Fix 21 Content Creation Mistakes That Impact ROI


How To Fix 21 Content Creation Mistakes That Impact ROI

How you handle content creation has a serious impact on its ability to rank and convert. Avoid these 21 common errors for the best results.

20 Myths Mistakes, And WRONG MOVES You Want To AVOID In Content Marketing (Part1)

Welcome to Live Hive Channel! Thank you for watching: 20 Myths Mistakes, And WRONG MOVES You Want To AVOID In Content Marketing (Part1).

Live Hive is a channel that helps Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) utilize branded games to maximize their sales and marketing efforts.

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Myth mistakes, wrong moves, misconceptions can be big or little, but they have one thing in common, they are all annoying. When it comes to content marketing, practices based on myths and misconceptions can put your business in a downward spiral. We have compiled a list of 20 myths mistakes and wrong moves you should avoid while doing content marketing.
Don’t forget to check out the second part for the complete list.

00:00 Introduction
00:51 Content marketing is easy to do
01:16 Starting without a content strategy
01:38 Creating disposable content
02:05 Not creating enough content
02:29 Framing it as a quick fix
03:01 Content marketing is the same as content creation
03:39 Not expressing content marketing’s full potential
04:11 Trivializing the practice
04:37 Taking the short view
04:54 Living in a silo
05:22 Not talking to customers and prospects
05:48 Not having a content calendar
06:19 Fearing of long-length content
06:39 Failing to connect
07:05 Seeing people only as of the outcome
07:35 Having to do too much manually
08:06 Valuing buyer personas over actual people
08:43 Not including content in the sales funnel
09:06 Thinking the same works
09:30 Giving up on measuring content marketing impact

Watch more Live Hive discussions here:
15 Ways To BOOST Your Marketing Content Performance: https://youtu.be/gALZraPdnTs
LiveHive Rundown | Games Industry News Updates: https://youtu.be/nPj_WYI9ZJ0
Latest Internet Marketing Trends and Predictions: https://youtu.be/CgxVVkoQWxk

Our channel features discussions of the SMEs competing with multinationals that aim to serve low-cost but high-engagement Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Live Hive will feature videos on business and product development to give better insights on products and services for our viewers. We will show you videos that will challenge traditional PPC and CPA marketing.

These videos will help you attract and retain audiences through sticky-white label games that result in a lead generation. This is one of the unique ways to reach customers, through B2B Marketing by using the benefits of gamification. We will provide you videos on how to execute the power of word of mouth to reach customers but we also believe that there will be less talk by providing good content marketing, digital marketing, and email marketing. We understand that we need a higher ROI from the amount we are spending on Digital Marketing Agency and Social Media Marketing Agency that is why we will feature videos that will show you the estimated increase Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) through 2025.

Additionally, Live Hive will feature the benefits of seamless plugins and links for social, website, cart, and email by collaborating with a chatbot agency.

We invite you to join our business-savvy community and interact with us by commenting on your thoughts on our discussion videos and providing your insights.

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Content Creator vs. Content Consumer

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You can choose pleasure now…

Or you can choose to delay that pleasure for a much bigger reward later on.

�� Make sure to check out other videos on my channel on blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, online business, and more.

#makemoneyonline #onlinebusiness #contentcreation

How to Master Content Creation

In episode 168 of Earn Your Leisure we spoke with Eric Thomas’s head of content and social media master Nicky Saunders. Nicky provided the blueprint on content creation.

She spoke about making content for different social media apps, common mistakes made by content creators, how to monetize social media, steps to build a brand, and more. #contentcreation #marketing #socialmedia

EYL University: https://www.eyluniversity.com

Guest IG: https://instagram.com/thisisnickys?utm_medium=copy_link

��5 CONTENT CREATION MISTAKES you NEED to AVOID! (Advice For Content Creators)

Are you making any of these 5 Content Creation Mistakes!?

In this episode, we share the most prevalent mistakes we’ve seen content creators make.

We’re not above it we’ve made some of these mistakes as well. But this is a safe space where we all can agree that we don’t have it together all the time.

This episode will help you go into content creation this year with power and determination because you’ll have some insider information.

Whether you have a podcast or YouTube channel or are on social media, even if you’re just thinking about creating content, this episode is super useful.

❌Mistake Number One: Not Understanding How Content Works
❌Mistake Number Two: Not having a clear Unique Value Proposition
❌Mistake Number Three: Not having a content strategy
❌Mistake Number Four: Not finding help or using automation tools to help you save time
❌Mistake Number Five: Not being consistent on a platform and expecting results

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⭐We have industry leading group coaching programs.

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Enterprise SEO Content: Opportunity, Dynamic Creation & Scale


Enterprise SEO Content: Opportunity, Dynamic Creation & Scale

Learn how to scale your enterprise SEO with dynamic content creation. Identify new opportunities and build incremental revenue.

No-Code Programmatic SEO/Bulk Publishing Blogging Method – Don’t Get left Behind In 2023!!

This is just a basic tutorial of how my AI-Powered spreadsheet works, but the possibilities are endless! I have a whole process. Head over to https://Bulkpublishing.ai to get access now!

Anne Moss (yeys.com) publishes over 1000 posts a month, it was a no brainer getting her course and content plan as I scale up my content production! You can check it out here – https://ariellephoenix.com/contentplanner

Enterprise SEO is Different: Here’s Why

Large brands usually have a great offline presence. But does this get carried over online? Would these large brands need to do SEO?

In this episode of the award-winning Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Eric Enge and John Dietrich explain how SEO is different for larger brands and what the keys to success are.

For a transcript and more resources, visit https://bit.ly/hw246-yt

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#enterpriseSEO  #digitalmarketing #fortune500

What is Enterprise SEO | BMP SEO Consulting

Enterprise SEO Services a robust SEO strategy is integral for business success. The difference is, when you’re running a large company with diverse business segments, you need enterprise SEO solutions to be effective. More than just broad keyword implementation, it’s critical to have a comprehensive SEO strategy that’s applicable at-scale. https://seo4videos.com/what-is-enterprise-seo/

Instead of hiring in-house and jumping through the hoops of onboarding staff all for the purpose of SEO dominance for your company, turn to us for enterprise SEO services. Not only are we able to deliver a complete scope of SEO services, our abilities span online presences of all sizes, in any business sector, regardless of your goals. Our mission is to make sure your business is as dominant online as it is in the real world and that your SEO strategy is resoundingly effective.

Solutions for websites of all sizes
Whether your website has 100 or 10,000 pages, or you’re managing multiple sites with subdomains and auto-generated content, we’re prepared to provide you with enterprise SEO services.

Our ability to identify key landing pages, frequently-visited areas of the site, underutilized pages, high-ranking content and more gives us insights into the SEO needs of your online platform. We’ll help you figure out which pages are performing well and how to emulate them, formulating a strategy that dramatically improves the consistency and visibility of your website—no matter how large it is.

Individual page rankings and keyword isolation
Inter-site linking to cornerstone and supporting content
Inbound and outbound link optimization
Keyword identification, placement and density tracking
Page hierarchy and navigation optimization
Global SEO
Large businesses with a global presence demand enterprise SEO solutions at an equally global scale. When your business is beyond specifically-targeted geographic keywords or service areas, allow us to explore improvements that help your business and your brand become renowned and reputable at an international level.

Our global enterprise SEO services will bring improvements to your website that make it appealing and useful to anyone—regardless of where in the world they’re visiting from. Our focus on universality and region-specific improvements means your brand is being found by the right audience and being served the right content based on their location. Instead of one-size-fits-all SEO improvements, we offer dynamic updates that yield measurable results.

Page translation services
Contextual improvements for regional visitors
International keyword optimization
Page meta improvements for SERP optimization
Colloquial and dialectic enhancements
Subject matter expertise
As a market leader, you need to also be recognized as an authority and expert in whatever field you’re in. Our enterprise SEO services will ensure you stand out with the utmost credibility and that the content on your site is worthy of link building. Count on us to organize your insights for siloed SEO effectiveness, while also weaving a web of content connections that make your website more functional than ever.

In addition, we can help you map out your content strategy as you create new SEO-enabled web pages, blog posts, articles, white papers, videos, case studies and more. Our emphasis on keyword identification and foresight for your larger content strategy means you’ll get optimal return on investment for your SEO content marketing campaigns.

Meta-level SEO solutions
Enterprise SEO solutions need to go far beyond keyword optimization and link building to be successful. For as large as your company is, the smallest details matter the most. That’s why we pay close attention to the meta-level aspects of your website and the granular optimizations that lend to the overall success of your site.

From meta data optimization, to HTML/CSS best practices, to schema markup and more, our enterprise SEO services are present behind the scenes so your website catches the attention of search engines and receives favorable attention. We even pay mind to accessibility improvements, allowing your site to be reached and appreciated by users with special physical or cognitive needs.

Explore Enterprise SEO Solutions
If the time has come to reevaluate your business’ SEO and you’re looking for a service provider capable of implementing improvements at-scale, we can help. Our enterprise SEO solutions are unparalleled, bringing with them the results you demand from reinvestment in optimization.

Whether your goal is to stay search engine compliant, improve usability, increase rankings, drive traffic or just stay ahead of the competition, count on us to bring much-needed optimizations to your site. Our enterprise SEO services span the gamut and ensure no detail in your SEO strategy is overlooked! Best of all, we’ll benchmark everything so you can see growth as it happens and measure improvements against your own KPIs.

You Need an Enterprise SEO Strategy: Here’s Why

Acme Grommets is in huge trouble and the CEO is not happy. They’re a huge company, but they didn’t take the time to build an enterprise-level SEO strategy, and now their sales are tanking!

In this episode of the popular Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Stone Temple’s Eric Enge describes the unique challenges of SEO at the enterprise level, and why larger companies need to pay special attention to SEO.

Brought to you by Stone Temple Digital Marketing https://www.stonetemple.com

Why You Need an Enterprise SEO Strategy: https://www.stonetemple.com/why-you-need-an-enterprise-seo-strategy/

How SEO Professionals & Agencies Win New Business [Survey Results]


How SEO Professionals & Agencies Win New Business [Survey Results]

We asked SEO professionals how they generate leads and where they win new business. See what they said in our State of SEO industry survey.

I’m Starting a New SEO Agency (And Sharing Everything)

I’ve started a new SEO agency focused on Technical/OnPage SEO for eCommerce Stores…. AND I’m going to share exactly how we’re building it.

Including landing the first client within a couple weeks from cold outreach (not my audience).

Just for fun to help you guys out. I’ve been teaching client acquisition strategies since 2015, will be cool to show some real examples of us using it for a brand new business.

More videos coming soon. Subscribe to my channel to follow along.

P.S. If you’re wondering “didn’t I already have an agency doing this?”. I did, but it was a different partnership and I wasn’t involved in day-to-day operations. This is completely new.

How Ben Dankiw Built An SEO Agency That Earned $770k Within 12 Months

Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuit podcast is the CEO of Nav 43, Ben Dankiw. Ben is a trained search engine marketing specialist and has built up a successful PPC and SEO agency over the past six years. He’s worked with many clients from all walks of life, including Porsche and Ceridian.

The longtime listener of the podcast is here today to talk about his journey. He certainly has a lot to share, including his expertise in almost every area of digital marketing, so whatever part of marketing piques your interest, Ben has you covered with helpful insights.

Ben started at a PPC agency and then moved on to freelancing. He talks about the strategies and skills he learned during that time and how they ultimately led him to start his own agency, which is now a thriving business.

Ben talks about the differences between freelancing, working for an agency, and ultimately running your own agency. It’s fascinating to hear from someone who has actually done all three. In addition, the conversation focuses on building systems and, in particular, the value and opportunities you can get from having them in place. 

One of these opportunities was building content sites, which is what Ben Dankiw and his team are now doing for clients. You get to hear about the process involved from beginning to end, including the tools they use and a whole lot more.

Other Things Discussed By Ben Dankiw Include:
* The Niche Agency He Started In The Beginning
* Transitioning From Paid Search To SEO
* Planning & Roadmapping Websites 
* Keyword Research
* The Pandemic
* Networking & Word of Mouth Marketing
* How To Grow & Scale Your Projects
* Accepting A Challenge To Double A Websites Traffic For $20k 
* Mistakes Made Along The Way
* Tools Used For The Agency
* Intersecting Niches
* Plus Much More!

Ben is a successful entrepreneur with expertise in multiple digital marketing and business areas. He offers a ton of helpful advice and tips during the interview, so taking notes, as always, is recommended — enjoy the episode.

Links & Resources Mentioned During The Podcast Interview:
* Nav 43 – https://nav43.com/
* Nav 43 Blogn – https://nav43.com/blog/
* Ben Dankiw LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/brdankiw/

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Scaling Your Agency to $4M / Annually With Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson is the Founder & CEO of Seven Figure Agency and Plumbing SEO. A world renown training program for agencies and SEO agency for Plumbing and HVAC companies. Josh is going to hop on an interview to talk shop with questions directly from Ruan on how to strategically grow to 7 figures per year.

How SEO Agencies use Jarvis to drive �� amazing results �� retain clients and��maximize efficiency

If you run an SEO, Content or Digital Marketing Agency you won’t want to miss this session. We’ll be sharing how you can leverage Jarvis to drive amazing results for your clients, improve retention & enhance the efficiency / profitability of your operations.


✍️ The main types of Content you can leverage Jarvis to help create

�� Best practices for content strategy using Jarvis for City Pages, Service Pages, Blog Posts, Press Releases, GMB Posts & Google Ads

��We’ll share specific examples of the type of content that will WOW your clients and move the needle for them from a ranking & lead flow perspective

��How to train your team to use Jarvis to drive your content engine

��How to recruit & train writers to leverage Jarvis to its fullest on behalf of your clients